Welcome to SABAA.education

NOW, that we as "humanity" created the epoch of the Anthropocene, the question put to all of us is:

What kind of an actor are we? With and in which system(s) do we engage? Plus: Can we evolve to a somewhat fair and reciprocal solution for really everyone in the system?

SABAA supports the idea and practice of circular economy.

SABAA supports changes from unsustainable & senseless growth with its outdated economic paradigms.

SABAA proposes a planet that provides for ALL life, including mankind.


SABAA.education - Foundation Education for Sub-Saharan Africa is:

  • a non-profit limited company
  • a catalyst and facilitator; leveraging knowledge and funds
  • providing solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa in the field of capacity building, education and training
  • focussing on the Cultural and Creative Economy and Industries, on Social Entrepreneurship, on supporting a Circular Economy, on skills for the 21st Century and Africa, on informal learning recognition
  • tackling sustainability issues and climate change consequences
  • fostering information-exchange and mutual understanding between Sub-Sahara Africa and Germany / the EU, its people, its societies
  • supporting the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its goals
  • informing the German public on sub-Saharan African issues with various means
  • running projects that strengthen an international mindset, tolerance, and sustainability for and within the German society
  • partnering in European Union related projects that focus on art-centered and narration-centered approaches.

„Education is a valid step-stone towards reciprocity and resilience in today´s rapidly changing world.“


The goal of SABAA.education is to empower, train, and connect people to provide learning opportunities, comprising of relevant and locally / globally needed skills, competencies and knowledge in all sectors of the general public and education: pre-school, primary school, high-school, university, and vocational training, informal learning. Thus, to support individuals, groups, societies in that great transformation we all are prone to and that we need to design together: by sharing - caring - understanding - acting.


SABAA.education is partner to education as well as culture and sustainability related projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and partner to companies, institutional and non-governmental organizations in this field.

SABAA.education enables capacity building, thus developing and creating online / blended learning programs.

SABAA.education collaborates in projects and proposals, consults in the area of skills and competencies development, as well in Skills for the 21. Century and new approaches to curricula and learning.

SABAA.education develops and supports the practice and the idea of social business.

SABAA.education aims for sense-making and impact investment.                    

SABAA.education puts the rights and needs of girls and women at the forefront of its doings.

SABAA.education is convinced that education provides the sensible and reliable road towards fair chances and the reduction of poverty.

SABAA.education sees the need to provide different frames, narratives and images of sub-Sahara Africa to a not-so-well informed public in Germany.


Feel free to contact us in English or German: wuensch@sabaa.education.


We are always glad to hear about new projects, funding, proposals, ideas, support, donations.


special initiative from SABAA is the online-gallery kukutana. There, art lovers find contemporary art from sub-Saharan African artists. kukutana is run as a social business. Profits go to artists and art related projects. CSR-services are available too.

SOME Projects

Find more and more current projects here:

SIRIUS4all - on the next narrative for Europe

In cooperation with CKI (Denmark), A25 (Bulgaria), Luoghi Comuni (Italy, Freeartus (Germany) SABAA explores the next narrative of and for Europe.

In times of crisis and rapid change using art as a sounding tool, SIRIUS4all strives to expose inclusive and manageable ideas, visions, memes.

Funded by the European Union and running until 12/2025, the results can be found in an immersive 3-D-Online-Gallery. See below too.

Online-Exhibition of art from sub-Sahara Africa

Images (painting, photography, graphic art) on the topic of #ChangingClimate. Based on an art-award by SABAA supporting artists of African origin. Using art to ask questions, challenge perspectives, and convey messages to individuals in opening horizons. Exhibited plus a supporting program in Berlin in spring and summer 2023.

Micro-Funding for Social Business & Circular Economy 

Offering micro-funding to communities and individual projects for the well-being of its members. No interest rate, and pay-back to the next community project within a year: a circular economy driven social business approach for the common good. Decisions made by the community. To be evaluated by the wonderful cooperation partner in Ghana, the  GHANA Philanthropy Forum.

Next steps: Document successes, implement needed changes, and get more funders on board.

AYUWA - training for young urban women

Supporting and partnering with a special initiative: business skills oriented training of young woman (age 18 to 23) in Douala, Cameroon. The project strives to create business and job opportunities for young women after secondary school.

Funding by Schmitz-Stiftungen (BMZ-funding), SABAA.education. Cooperation with AYUWA and COFEPRE, Cameroon  


Cooperating with FreeArtus gGmbH from Berlin, CKI from Copenhagen, A25 from Sofia, and Luoghi Comuni from Perugia, SABAA/Ulrich Wünsch is acting as the project lead in an 2-year project funded by the European Union: SIRIUS4all.

SABAA ist Mitglied und unterstützt die "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft"       |        SABAA is member of the initiative "transparent civil society"