Transparency supports transparent and good governance, being listed in the German Transparenzregister (transparency register - listing foundations and not for profit organizations adhering to the statutes). Following its guidelines, memberships, funding, ownership, organizational structure, advisory board, finance information (testified annual balance sheets), and activity reports are public. The information is available here and is kept updated.

Furthermore the principles of a good practice for foundation, set by Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen, are being supported and followed.

Ownership & Organizational Structure

Founder and majority owner of is Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wünsch (share: 92/100).

Minority owners are: Stefan Mollner (share: 4/100) and Günter Oster (share: 4/100).

SABAA is a non-profit organization under German law and tax-exempt as such and able to receive donations.

Controlling SABAA and consulting on its plans is the advisory board.


Statutes of the organization (in German)
Satzung SABAA.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 153.6 KB

Membership(s) is member to various organizations:

  • Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen ( - the association of German foundations.
  • Netzwerk Stiftung und Bildung ( - a network of foundations focussing on eduction issues of a wider range.
  • Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft BVMV ( - the association of small and medium enterprises in Germany.
  • medianet berlinbrandenburg ( - the association of media and media-related companies in Berlin and Brandenburg.
  • YourArtBeat e.V. ( - is a creative network and a contact point for everything that has to do with arts, culture and creativity; a platform for emerging art and a memory for and of artifacts.
  • International Festival & Events Association IFEA ( - a worldwide gathering of festival and events professionals.
  • Research Institute for Exhibition and Live-Communication R.I.F.E.L. e.V. ( - research and expertise on events of all kinds.

Ulrich Wünsch is member of the Board fo Directors of FREEARTUS artist & refugees united for freedom (, an Organisation in Berlin bridging cultures by using the global language of the arts for cooperation and development, at home in Germany and abroad. One project is the art space, restaurant, meeting place LAWRENCE in Berlin (

Annual Official Activity Reports

The Activity Report 2017 shows the beginnings of the operation.

Activity Report SABAA 2017.pdf
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The Activity Report 2018 tells of first endeavors.

Activity Report SABAA 2018.pdf
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Advisory Board & Support

Dr. Erich Deschwanden: economist, journalist, consultant, lecturer; weathered coach for various companies and individuals - Swiss.


Kerstin Wünsch: editor-in-chief of a German Special Interest Magazine; tourism and hotel management, economics academic; active in female leadership issues, worldwide - German.

Balance Sheet & Funds

Balance Sheet 2017, approved by the German tax office (in German)

12363 - Jahresabschluss.pdf
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Balance Sheet 2018 (in German) - to be approved by the German tax office by end of 2019.

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Tax Exemption Document

Tax document 2017: tax exemption, ownership (in German).
12362 - KSt - Bildung f.
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