What we do & support

SABAA fosters capacity building, is developing ideas, designs, and implementations fo training solutions.

This is done in and for the field of the Creative Industries, entrepreneurship training and start-up development, micro-skills evolvement, learning and training practise.


SABAA is transforming ideas into working social businesses.

This is focussed on the area of design and fashion.


SABAA is collecting funds for projects and develops initial applications for funding.

This is done for various programs – by SABAA on its own or pooling with trusted partners.


Please feel free to contact us (in English or German under: wuensch@sabaa.education), be it:

about supporting SABAA
about a proposal of a project for funding
about partnership
about consultation
about development of training solutions.


At the moment SABAA.education supports:

  • StartHub Africa in Uganda (http://www.starthubafrica.org/). The implementation of an Entrepreneurship certificate is currently being supported. This is done by StartHub Africa in collaboration with several Ugandan universities. Online-training modules are being developed, supported by SABAA.education.
  • Teaming up with the Department of Humanities of the University Dar-es-Salaam for curriculum reform considering employability.
  • Supporting music education for youngster provided by HOPE Center Uganda.
  • In collaboration with „Manager without Borders“, a foundation in Germany, a relevant set of management skills is being researched, evaluated and transferred to an online / blended learning course. The aim is to enable small and medium sized companies in Africa in training their personnel and to train the ability to collaborate globally (https://managers-without-borders.com/?noredirect=en_US).
  • The Goethe Institute, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, is partner to SABAA.education in developing a Blended Learning Course in the area of Music-Production. After an initial test in March 2018 at the African Bass Festival the plan is to set up an online training course in the field of music production / electronic dance music. A cooperation with the Berlin based companies Ableton and Native Instruments is underway. The course can be replicated and used in various setting and countries in sub-Saharan Africa (https://www.goethe.de/ins/bf/de/index.html).
  • Developing up-to-date training solutions (hosting, films, blended learning scenarios, ...) together with the pros from equeo (https://www.equeo.de/).
  • Partnering with WOMEX, the World Music Expo (https://www.womex.com/), in developing training sessions for African Festival developers and managers; support by piranha, Berlin. We believe that in Africa festivals play a leading role in the development of the music sector and the creative industries and can make a major contribution to the economic growth of the region and its countries
  • Partnering with CiLevel / mydigitaluniversity, a French education-tech company, the plan is to boost vocational training in sub-Saharan Africa (http://www.digitaluniversity.education/#/). This collaboration allows to use the momentum of the German-French efforts for Africa.
  • Looking into the foundation for and production of courses and trainings in the various fields of the Creative Industries.
  • Supporting re:publica Africa in Accra, Ghana (https://re-publica.com/de/page/republica-accra).
  • Cooperating with the u-instiut in supporting the creative industries in African countries.
  • Partnering with Get Your Wings in developing a social business around the modern interpretation of traditional bead work.
  • Pushing for a new visual image of "Africa" , its daily life and a new interpretation of a specifically framed idea of "Africa "in cooperation with Afrikan Gallery, an online gathering of independent African photographers, and the Ngoryisi Group.


If you want to know more on the the current status of SABAA´s projects, please look on Facebook under:

Cooperation & Partnerships

SABAA is proud to partner with and to wonderful people, inspiring entrepreneurs, young leaders, and great initiatives and companies.

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