TIME IS UP: open call for the SABAA ART AWARD 2021

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Just not what you think / by Celia Rako 2019


Submission time completed: 176 ARTWORKS RECEIVED

The jury named the winners: Click here!

In short: we are looking for your perspective(s) / participate now!


Award for the best image(s) and text(s) by artists of Sub-Saharan African origin / ancestry about the Covid-19-Pandemic, a challenging event!? - Learning from Africa


Every two years SABAA announces an art award. This time in the categories of photo, illustration, painting, short story, chapter of a novel, poem to artistically reflect upon the special and individual experiences and effects of the Covid-19-Pandemic in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa in order to frame and reframe, to showcase, inform, evaluate, sustain, facilitate, inspire. And to propose artistic positions in handling our todays reality: LEARNING FROM AFRICA.

Award categories / prices

Jury awards

# photo (artistic approach, not journalistic): 500€
# illustration (print, drawing, comic,): 500€

# painting: 500€
# literature1: short story, chapter of a novel, poem (10000 words max.) - in English: 500€
# literature2: short story, chapter of a novel, poem (10000 words max.) - in French: 500€



# Start submitting applications:            20. February 2021

# Finish submitting applications:            15. May 2021

# Jury sessions and informing the winners: 10. August 2021

# Public notification: 20. August 2021



# Exhibiting (online): January 2022 to March 2022

# Catalogue published: January 2022


Jury awards

Photography: Imme Dattenberg-Doyle + Kim Dotty Hachmann

Illustration, drawing: Babalwa Tom + Ricarda Wallhäuser

PaintingLars Roth + Jarrett Erasmus

Literature1 (English): Gloria Kicono + Simon Asiimwe + Wolf Kampmann

Literature2 (French): Acèle Nadale + Nadine Berenguier


The idea

What do we know about the effect and image of the Covid-19-Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa? What do we see and hear beyond some reports and some statistics? What does matter? What is the story of the place, the group, the individual? What is a better representation of reality than the individual artistic utterance of an experience and impression? What artistic positions are being formulated now?

The purpose

Providing a voice and visibility for this specific situation and change on our planet. Focusing on a limited, less-priority area (Sub-Saharan Africa seen from the global North), its coverage often hampered by preconceived ideas and attitudes. Putting the individual in the center with its hopes and fears, with its daily-life reality. Acknowledging that art and artworks foster insights of a special, extraordinary nature. Showcasing humanity. Exchange, share. Creating a discourse.

The topic

Creating or providing an original work of art dealing with the Covid-19-Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa and its effects on the individual, the group, the region, the country, the dreams, hopes, fears, anger, visions, illusions, and aspirations. And what else a creative mind and heart sees fit.

How, who, what, and when?

Uploading a maximum of two artworks per contributor.

#  Artist of Sub-Saharan African origin / ancestry.

#  Start: February 20th, 2021.

Deadline for uploading a contribution: May 15th, 2021.




The set-up

SABAA wants to collect and show voices and views of people from countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. SABAA invites artistically minded and hearted contributors – photographers, illustrators, writers, poets – to hand in their images, their words on the topic of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Works of art to be considered should tell a story, provide and image, show an insight related to the issue and times of the Covid-19 pandemic in the years 2020, 2021.

They could be:

- an artistic photograph (other than a purely documentary one)
- an illustration (print, drawing, comic,)
- a painting
- a short story, a poem, a chapter of a novel (not longer than ten thousand (10000) words - either in English or in French).

A public ceremony will be performed online or if possible offline in 2021.

A documentation / exhibition on a special website will be done and cared for.

If legally possible, an on-site exhibition of the artworks in Berlin will take place.

Jury award / audience award

A jury award will be given for the best photo: 500€.

jury award will be given for the best illustration, drawing: 500€.

jury award will be given for the best painting: 500€.

jury award will be given to one writer for the best English language short-story, chapter of a novel, poem: 500€.

jury award will be given to one writer for the best French language short-story, chapter of a novel, poem: 500€.


The jury

The jury for the individual jury awards will consist of artists with a Sub-Saharan African and European/German background (to be announced):

·     Photography: Imme Dattenberg-Doyle + Kim Dotty Hachmann

·     Illustration, drawing: Babalwa Tom + Ricarda Wallhäuser

·     PaintingLars Roth + Jarret Erasmus

·     Literature1 (English): Gloria KiconcoWolf Kampmann + Simon Asiimwe

·     Literature 2 (French): Acèle Nadale + Nadine Berenguier

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wünsch (founder of SABAA.education – foundation for education in Sub-Saharan Africa; visiting professor at university of the arts, Berlin, Germany) will moderate the jury, having no vote. The second moderator, having no vote, will be Oumar Diallo (Guinea Conakry, project manager Afrika Haus Berlin, Germany).


Copyright rests with the artists.

By handing in the works, SABAA will be allowed the usage rights for publishing the work of art online or in a digital print format.

If any profit is being made out of this special undertaking here in any form (publication, sales, further usage), 90% to 75% of it will go to the artists, 10% to 25% to SABAA - depending on the amount and transfer cost. Handling and financing will be externally controlled and made transparent.

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